New Age Draughting is offering Modular Warehouse offices and Storage Space?


Maximizing Your Warehouse Space Utilization

With design configurations for two, three or four walled buildings, one to two story offices, or offices on mezzanines these designs can be configured to fit into virtually any space.

We've been helping companies utilize warehouse space more effectively and we are happy to have our design team review your needs to come up with the best solution for your specific application.

An office in your warehouse facility can provide you with office or break room space that could be vital to your facility. As an office, it will provide you with an calm and comfortable place, away from the noise and chaos of the warehouse floor

Also, we understand that a lot of warehouses do not have a lot of room to spare, that's why we offer warehouse offices on top of mezzanines; you will be able to have all the office space you need, a bird's eye view of the warehouse, and won't take up any extra room on the warehouse floor..

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